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The After School Program offers children a safe, Christ centered learning environment.

Each day, every child is given a hot meal in a christian atmosphere where they are loved, encouraged and challenged to be all that God created them to be.

The drop out rate is very high in villages, so we are intentional in engaging each child in a learning strategy that works best for them.  And our overall purpose is that they will know Christ and make Him known through out their lives.  Making Disciples that Make Disciples!

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The After School Program is divided into 4 levels:

  • Preschool

  • Kindergarten

  • Grades 1-4

  • Grades 5-8​



  • Education and tutoring

  • Extracurricular education in the arts, technology, and sports

  • Field trips and learning excursions

  • Exposure to city life and careers

  • Daily lunch

  • School supplies, garden seeds, clothes, shoes, etc.

  • Parental education and involvement

  • Supplemental food packages

  • Bible instruction







We are asking all teachers to help support our teachers in Romania:
  • $10.00 monthly
  • Praying 4 Teachers
  • Sharing Ideas

Our goal is to provide the support that students need to stay in school (tutoring), as well as to provide them with one hot meal, Bible, English, Music and Sport classes. We also have a preschool class during this time. All funds go to help all children so no one is left out.  Every child needs three sponsors: Two to cover program costs and the third sponsor covers costs for food and supplies. You will receive updates and newsletters  highlighting exciting happenings in our program.  We can also assign you a specific child to pray for and communicate with.  


Partner with us

In order to run our program it takes :  3 teachers, 3 volunteers, 1 cook/cleaning, Maintenance person, school psychologist/ counselor and Social worker and a LOT of paper work from Romania.

 All donations go into Operation Education.  NO CHILD IS EVER TURNED AWAY.  Please pray for the children, the teachers and for the funding needed and please, Consider partnering with us, so that our program will have all the funding needed and we can continue to reach and teach these children and families.


School  Supplies


Many village children cannot afford the needed supplies for school.  Each year we give hundreds of school supplies, book-bags, umbrellas, shoes and boots so that the children can be equipped to learn.

We also pay  transportation costs for high school students to continue their education.

Transportation cost and supplies are  expensive and difficult for many families to purchase and therefore many children are forced to abandoned school. For a small amount you can give a child the opportunity to have a brighter future.

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