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Piranda is more than just a work program, it is a Gospel centered ministry that teaches women how to sew and create beautiful products.  Piranda is an extension and ministry of Belief in Motion.  Piranda is operated by missionaries and friends of Belief in Motion and Project 127 Romania.


Why Piranda?

Piranda is a Romanian word that means "gypsy girl." This word is unique in the fact that it isn't derogatory. It actually is complementary giving the connotation of a beautiful and elegant girl. Although, most people generally do not use this word for the general Roma populations. We, however, at Piranda believe that God has created these people in his own image and beauty ,and they deserve to be given Dignity through an honest occupation, to be offered Hope for a better life now and an eternal Hope in Christ, and to be taught about the Faith that radically saves them from their sin.



Dignity, Hope, Faith


Find our more about Piranda and watch some of our videos

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