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In 2006, while working at the hospital with abandoned babies, one abandoned baby led us to the village of Cherechiu.  When we saw the village's needs,  we knew we had to do something, and through loving American Sponsorship, we began giving food packages to 16 families. The following summer, we began fixing mud houses and building new homes with blocks. Water was added to the village, gravel for roads, and eventually, the mayor added asphalt. We began outdoor Church and Bible Clubs in the extreme SUN/HEAT, through RAIN Storms in the summer months, and passing out food, Christmas presents, and supplies in the FREEZING Winter.

Cherechiu is where we began PIRANDA as the villagers made necklaces and bracelets with paper...Then, with time, ONE by ONE, people began surrendering their lives to CHRIST. NOW IS THE TIME TO HAVE A BUILDING FOR THIS CHURCH, A place for PEOPLE TO WORSHIP, PRAY AND LEARN THE WORD as a community. And... These 19 families are just the tip of the iceberg in a village of 2,416 people.


After six years of paperwork, we have everything in place to build a "Community Center" Church in the village of Cherechiu. The population is almost 2,500. There are new believers, and we are so excited to disciple them and send them out to evangelize their people. The approximate cost is $70,000. Please Pray and invest in the future! 

Everyone is so excited to have a building that they were up early and working together for GOD'S GLORY!

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