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Come serve with BIM in Romania on a Short-Term Partner (Mission) Trip.

Many people try to explain what it is like to see the grand canyon with your own eyes. Yes, pictures say a 1,000 words, but there is something about seeing things like the grand canyon with your own eyes. Feeling the canyon breeze on your face and standing in awe of the wonder of God in his creation.


The same is true when going on mission trips. A picture can't convey the love of God that is felt when worshiping in a foreign place, nor can a picture convey what it is like to hold and love an abandoned and innocent baby. Or can you wrap your arms around the orphan and widow and tell them God loves them. We invite you to step out of your comfort zone and step in to what God has in store for you in Romania. 


Come to Romania



Ask God how he might have you serve in Romania through one of our serving mission trips


Register below for one of our Mission Trips. Confirmation will happen after initial communication.


After you register, our trip coordinator will be in contact with you about the next steps in your mission trip application process


Download the Partner Trip Guide for more information on our trips. After confirmation you will receive our 2020 Leadership guide with more info.


Pack your Bags, the time has come! We will see you on the ground here in Romania!

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All Things New - Mission Trips 2022

  • Winter Mission Trip-
    Fri, Dec 02
    Dec 02, 8:00 PM – Dec 10, 12:00 AM
    Sântelec, Sântelec 417278, Romania
    Come Celebrate the BIRTH of JESUS with hundreds of children in villages and schools. Pass out presents and share the PRESENCE OF JESUS with the lonely, widowed, shut-in, poor and outcast.

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